Is there something in your life that is really going to push you forward, make you grow, but your are too afraid to do it? It is something different, something out of your comfortzone: It doesn’t seem to be easy, thinking about doing it may bring you some cramps, but you’re intuitive ass tells you that it really is the right thing to do, as you feel so excited and alive and scared at the same time thinking about it!

Well, let me tell you something -You are not alone with this feeling:

Hello English speaking world! I’m Carolina, a 19 years old German girl who is trying to figure out what to do with her life.

This first English Blog Post is called „Leave your comfortzone“, as it describes pretty good my current situation 😀 2018 I started this Blog Sprout & Spirit to talk about health, mindfulness & self-healing. I have grown a lot, we have started the Sprout & Spirit Podcast and I am having 3710 subscribers on my Youtube Channel right now – amazing!

There was just one problem: I was only creating content in German. Why? Well it’s my mother tongue but wanting to travel a lot and moving from country to country I have realized, that creating content in English could help me get to know so many different people all around the world, as they would literally only then understand what I am talking about haha.

So here I am: Leaving my comfortzone – As you should, too!

I’ve had English in school and was always pretty good. Furthermore (oh my English teacher would be so proud to see me using these linking words :D) most of the time I read English books and listen to English Podcast, but still: I’m really nervous talking in English, it’s definitely something out of my comfortzone. Especially writing a blog post in English, having English interviews for the Sprout & Spirit Podcast or making YouTube videos in English.

But you know what? I don’t care what some people are going to say about me or my -not that amazing- English skills.

I am doing this, because I now that it’s going to help me grow. Becoming a better version of myself. Meeting knew people, learning new things about other cultures, trying to understand human-beings.

Right now I am living at home, in a tiny village in Germany, between Frankfurt am Main & Heidelberg, so yeah I could continue creating German Content for a few Germans who are interested into the topics we talk about here on Sprout & Spirit, but it’s so clear to me right now, that I have to try something new, something I always knew would be necessary for me to grow, but I was too afraid: Start creating content in English!

Maybe you’re in the same position: You’re at the beginning of this journey: Your life! And you can see all this potential to grow. The only condition? You have to leave your comfortzone!

So here’s your sign to do this thing. To start your own business. To start traveling and meeting the people you need to meet. Start learning a new language and actually start talking.

Just start.

I know.

It’s terrifying, but you just have to start without thinking too much about it.

Let’s see where this journey is going to end right? I am looking forward being able to reach out to more people and share my thoughts and work with you guys! Please let me know if you have questions or if you have ideas, I love connecting and creating together with you guys! 🙂


Carolina <3

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