Sometimes life just seems to be – a lot to handle- right? Maybe you are struggling with a lot of anxiety, daily mental breakdowns or whatever – We’ve all been there ok?

First: It’s not your fault, that you are feeling overwhelmed, because maybe you just never learned how to deal with stressful situations or problems.

But good news, I’m sharing with you today how I manage enjoying my life, working as a freelancer & content creator, building the Sprout & Spirit mindfulness platform, while just having moved as a 19 years old to Paris, learning french from scratch, taking care of a 1 year old girl, as I’m staying here as an AuPair and the list goes on…

Back in school I used to be really stressed out, trying to have perfect grades, so I know how it feels to don’t listen to your body but just „hustle in a negative way“. Meeting now a lot of new people & explaining them what I’m currently doing, a lot of them think that I don’t take care of myself or must feel stressed out, but actually – I’m really happy & I’m feeling really good.

Because I do what I really love doing. That doesn’t mean that its not hard and that I never have bad times.

I have them. No creative input, procrastination, anxiety: Will I ever make it? Working that independently has for sure so many benefits, but it also requires so much discipline and work. Not just your physical work, your job. But mental growth, self-development and especially learning how to set boundaries, listen to your body and rest. So…

What Can You Do On A Daily Basis to keep calm instead of burning out?

1. Mindful & individual morning routine

Ya’all now that I can’t start the day without my daily meditation. 30min. just me, my breath and the present moment. WTF 30min. I don’t have the time or experience to do that? Maybe these are your thoughts and I got you: Good news, you just have to do what feels good to you, pls don’t follow any perfect 5am morning routine: yes try out different things, waking up earlier or later, meditating, journaling, first breakfast, movement, or immediately start working ?- Try out different routines for 20-30 days and analyse what makes you feel best, ok? It’s about you and what supports you on your journey! In another video we can talk about different ways of starting your day intentionally or mindfully.

2. Plan. Plan. Plan.

Plan, plan,plan & Structure. For real. I have really started planning & structuring all my day: I use notion but also google calendar, where I literally plan every minute of my day. Is this creepy? I don’t know, but I just really love organising and creating different time slots for different tasks has helped me tremendously to beat procrastination and to finally get my work done efficiently.

Let’s imagine that you have an appointment somewhere…

Usually you make sure to go to the appointment on time. So just schedule your day and make appointments for your tasks!

3. What is your intention of the day?

What do you want to achieve? 1 Thing! That you are definitely doing today, so that you can be proud of yourself in the evening. Maybe work-related, maybe its about relaxing and self-care.

4. Short To-Do Lists

It’s really easy to write down 20 things you want to do that day, maybe they are just small tasks, but just looking at this long list makes you wanna go back to bed and just binge watch friends, right?

Ask yourself: What do I want to focus on today? Maybe its just one major thing or 3 tasks. Be realistic, because often times we think that a certain task doesn’t take that long, like mayb 30-40min. to finish that video for a client but then bam you’re still sitting there after 3hours because the music doesn’t fit and you’re changing more and more and more.

5. Focus

Actually I have a lot of free time, because when I work, I make sure to be really focused on one thing at a time. No multi-tasking mhmhmh… Focus. So I have my morning routine, the first deep work time slot. short break and movement. second deep work time slot. again a break, movement and lunch. and then some work again. And the evenings are free. to rest, to live a balanced life and actually enjoy life.

6. Don't take life too seriously:

We are here on this earth to enjoy this short period of time, called life: Yeah I know when anxiety hits, that just don’t worry that much, everything’s fine sentence doesn’t really helps. But thats why I make sure, that as much as I want to grow, be productive and achieve my goals, I always remind myself of not only doing work related things – my work is my passion, but its still work you know? So I make sure, to have offline days, to spend time with family & friends, to things that have nothing to do with any success or goal or whatever. keyword: BALANCE

It’s a long journey, to learn how to rest and feel good resting, aka without feeling guilty about taking care of yourself. During my self-healing journey, healing from hormonal imbalances, amenorrhoea, allergies and the list goes on, I’ve spent so much time thinking about my lifestyle and how all these daily habits really affect me – So make sure to not let your lifestyle influence you in a negative way, but rather start living more consciously, decide which habits you want to stick to and start enjoying this life to the fullest 🙂

Wish you all the best!


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