Do you often times feel overwhelmed in this modern and chaotic world we live in?

Let’s be honest: I often times do! We are stressed, burned-out and definitely not enjoying life as we should…Why? We are working longer and harder than ever before, spending most of our time in front of screens and constantly dwelling on the past aka we are not thankful for our life (this already so short period of time we have on this planet), because we decide to rather follow social norms, do what society tells us to do (go to school, work in a 5-to-9 job and complain about our neighbour’s messy garden.

So that’s why I am going to share with you 3 ways to live more mindfully, so that you can learn to be more present and enjoy this life.

1. Create a realistic morning-routine

No, you don’t need fancy crystals, avo-toast with a matcha latte for breakfast or the perfect workout-routine. Actually, your routine doesn’t have to look like any of those „perfect morning routines“. Ok.. so then what?

Ask yourself: How do my mornings look like right now? Do I wake up too late and already stressed, because you know that you are too late for work and therefore you spill all of your coffee over your fave jeans, you were wearing last days, because you haven’t had enough time to think about a different outfit you feel comfortable in…?

Well, than you might ask yourself: What can I do to have more time in the mornings and to start my day -mhm let’s say- not that totally burned-out..? 😉

What about waking up 10min. earlier and meditating for 5min…?

I’ll promise you: Start meditating 3-5min. every morning for the next 30-days and your life is going to change! You wake up relaxed, you just focus on yourself for some deep breaths and damn: You feel ready to start the day, maybe still a little tired, but relaxed…

For others it might be a quick walk around the neighbourhood, a cup of tea, reading a book or listening to the Sprout & Spirit Podcast – I really don’t care what it is that makes you feel present (ok I do care, so pls let me know in the comments or on Insta how your morning routine looks like haha….)but I just want to make clear, that this morning routine is not about showing how perfect you are. It’s not about your appearance.

It’s about how you feel!

2. Spend more time in nature & move your body

I know: You have a lot of work to do, so many things to do, but let’s be honest: Spending all day in front of screens and in your dark bedroom, won’t make you feel alive. Spending time in nature is going to make you feel more alive!

Reconnecting with nature means reconnecting with your true-self.


Please don’t get me wrong: I’m definitely not against living in a big city – There are so many advantages and I love all this motivational and high-frequency vibes in big cities.

Nonetheless, we are human-beings: Animals connected to nature. Studies have shown, that being surrounded by the colour green (aka spending more time in nature) increases the production of serotonin and other „happy chemicals“, so they make you literally feel happier.

Just go on a walk outside, go hiking, swimming, ride a bike, go inline-skating or do some Yoga in the forrest. Sure: Listening to music, an inspirational podcast or talking to a friend can be really calming and relaxing – but you know what?

I really enjoy spending time in nature, just being present and observing all the sensations around me. At the beginning it’s going to feel weird just walking outside and „doing nothing“, but let me tell you: It’s so calming and this „unproductive time“ is so important: It gives us the time to think about everything happening in our life, so that we can handle all the „stress“.

And most important: We can make space for really being present and enjoying the present moment. 

3. Connect to your senses

Breathe. Feel. Listen. Smell. Observe. 

Connect to your body and ask yourself: How do I feel right now? Am I stressed, relaxed, happy, tired, hungry?What is happening around me? What am I doing right now?

You don’t have to analyze anything, just observe and accept it, there’s no good and no bad!

Living mindfully means being present in the moment, but why is it so hard to be present? Upcoming thoughts love distracting us: They are always about the past or the future and disconnect us from the present moment, from the only existing moment. Our brain can’t distinguish between real events happening in front of us or created events that only exist in our imagination. So every time you recognize these upcoming scenarios and thoughts, you are detaching yourself from it and coming back to the present moment.

A few seconds later there are going to be other thoughts, but don’t give up – You have to practice, practice and practice. And someday it’s going to be easier and easier to be present and feel the moment.

Do you have other tips to be more present and live more mindfully ?

Feel free to comment below or send us a message on Instagram or via Mail!

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